Filipino Artists Ensemble

1. R.R. Cagalingan is a poet and translator. He is a member of Linangan sa Imahen, Retorika, at Anyo (LIRA), a group of poets writing in the national language. He performs the traditional poetic joust called balagtasan with the Makátas. His current work explores the ongoing assimilation and negotiation of native forms in poetry and performance.


2. Allan Cariño Allan Cariño is a graduate of English from the University of Oxford. As president of Ubbog, Cordillera Writers and officer of the Baguio Writers Group his poetic practice has focused on exploring and articulating a perspective for the Cordillera in Northern Luzon. His writing has been published in the Philippines and the UK including in three Ubbog Journals, The Baguio Chronicle, Granule magazine, the Oxford’s Cherwell Newspaper and an upcoming encyclopedia of Cordillera culture. His arts practice also includes theatrical work and visual arts applications for poetry and was featured as part of the Philippine International Arts Festival (2010).


3. Mark Dimaisip Somewhere between nerdville and nirvana lies Mark Dimaisip and his odd verses--using cats to discuss the urgency of living, maths to measure happiness and atoms to prove that reincarnation exists. His poetry has been included in literary publications including A Literation Magazine, Bukambibig, Human Parts and The Brasilia Review. He has been featured in stages such as CCP, Peta Theater, and World Trade Center Manila and has performed for events like Performatura, Filipino ReaderCon and Intramuros Rising. He has released a poetry chapbook in 2014 called “Near Things”.


4. Ma-I Entico Ma-I is a creative writing student at Philippine High School for the arts. She dabbles in all things writer-related, drawing, and music; a.k.a. a wannabe artist. Other than creating things she likes, she teaches fiction and comics making during her spare time. Both her her comics "Emla" and "Bugan", and "My Name is Agung" have won awards at Komiket, a comics convention held in the Philippines. You can find some of her works on her FB page Hoy Ma-I.


5. Carla Nicoyco Carla Nicoyco first saw spoken word poetry in Sev's Cafe in 2014. Since then she has been a regular at events there and by the next year, she became part of White Wall Poetry, a spoken word group. Being with her group has taken her places. She was able to perform in Intramuros Rising 2-4, 2 Performatura Festivals in CCP, and at the Senate of the Philippines. She has been asked to give talks and workshops and use this art for helping other people. Right now she is an English teacher at Miriam College High School.

7. Franz Pantaleon is a spoken word artist from Manila, Philippines whose journey began at Sev’s Café back in 2014. Since then, he’s been making the rounds performing at various events, giving talks, and setting up safe spaces for newcomers. While primarily known for spoken word, he has a long-standing relationship with the written word, which he’s been nurturing over the years through self-study and guided mentorship. In 2017, he was granted fellowship for Poetry in the Iowa Writing Program Alumni workshop conducted in DLSU-Manila. Stemming from experience and reflection, his writing explores the intricacies of relationships, illness, mortality, and time.

8. Leandro Reyes Bearer of a storytelling family's lasting legacy, Leandro Reyes, the great grandson of Severino "Lola Basyang" Reyes, brings the craft of tale-telling into a new age. His art is an assortment of different characters playing poet. As an actor, Lean has participated in nine stage plays, playing characters from unnamed beggars to Jesus. As a poet he has performed in the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards and has advocated anti-bullying in the globally broadcasted, World Speech Day. He also has a track on the spoken word album “Southversive” and has recently released a poetry-graphic novel with Camcas Cervantes called "Love, Smog, And All Things Warm".


9. Christian Tablazon works with text, installation, and photomedia. He is a recipient of several national fellowships in creative writing and cultural criticism, and an international fellowship in transdisciplinary arts from the University of Plymouth. His works have been published and exhibited in 13 countries, and he is also one of the artists selected to participate in the fourth edition of B#Side War, an international art festival aimed at probing legacies of 20th-century conflicts. His solo exhibition is slated at the NCCA Gallery in Manila for November 2018. He lives in Laguna, Philippines and teaches creative writng at the Philippine High School for the Arts.