Malaysian Artists
Atikah Abdul Wahid

Atikah Abdul Wahid is a Malaysian author with published works in Fixi Novo's Hungry in Ipoh, Matahari Books' The Tudung Anthology and Terrer Books' Remang: An Anthology of Ghostly Tales. She has read some of her writings at events such as The Cooler Lumpur Festival 2014, #Otherfest 2015, Readings@Seksan 2017, and Sharpened Word's Literary Matinee 2015. She is currently completing her Master's degree at University of Malaya with a focus on American Literature. She can be found on Twitter, as @heyatikah, with choice gifs. 

Allison Jong Chia Ning

A poet and spoken word artist born and bred in Sarawak, Allison Jong first performed in 2015 at Shades of Art. Since then, she has gone home to perform annually for “Word of Mouth” a themed bimonthly poetry show and has even curated  a show for the series, ‘Word of Mouth: Diary” in 2017. Allison has also performed for Shades of Art in 2016, Poetically Correct 2017, If Walls Could Talk in 2017 twice and Onde Onde Open Mic 5: Gegaran Ekspresi 2018 in KL. 

Nur Atikah Binti Hanafi

A.Hanafi (Kiko) is an editor, writer, and translator. She is passionate about theatre and writing –her means to ignite one's soul and touch people's heart. A former teacher for refugees and underprivileged children, she reads and weaves words to travel and transcend to different dimensions. She pens down her nightmares in the hope for a good night sleep.