Keelat Theatre Ensemble

     Since its inception in 2008, Keelat Theatre Ensemble continues to use the Qur'an and Hadiths as springboards of creativity to give Islam a voice in theatre with productions that delve into issues pertinent and relevant to all audiences, bridging differences of culture, ethnicity, economic status, intellectual capacity and spirituality.


   "Hang Nadim Sya'ir" written by Gene Sha Rudyn

     "Hang Nadim Sya'ir" is the second Sya'ir in the collection of four presented in the book 'Sya'ir To Singapore". It uses the Sya'ir form to tell the story of Hang Nadim and bridges the story to the present day by means of the names of places which have hitherto survived or the current names of places significant in the story.


     "Lautan Cinta" written by Gene Sha Rudyn

     "Lautan Cinta" is the love theme from the musical "SIGELAP; Kisah Cinta Mat & Minah". Meeting at the beach, two unrequited lovers use elements in the natural world around them as metaphors to relate their own trials and tribulations in the style of Pantun.


     "Gurindam Jiwa" written by Hamzah Hussien

     "Gurindam Jiwa", song taken from a black-and-white film of the same name, has become an evergreen classic. It is said that its Sufi style lyrics, with verses written in Pantun form, are not merely a conversation between a man and a woman, but more a reflection of the relationship between The Lover and The Beloved.